Types of decking


Premium Pine decks:
Pine decks are the most cost effective deck and come in a 90x20mm or a 140x32mm board.
The cheapest is the 90mm board, which we neatly gun nail down to keep costs to a minimum. We have a rubber end on the gun so it doesn’t mark the decking, it punches the nail 2mm below the surface and the nails are ribbed so you don’t get them popping up latter on.
The 140mm board needs to be screwed down with a large headed screw to stop the boards from cupping.
We recommend oiling, staining or painting pine to prevent it getting larger cosmetic splits in the surface and it will also help with the durability.
The premium pine decking we use is the best on the market with no knots.

Hardwood decks:
Hardwood decking comes is sizes 90x20mm or the more popular 140x20mm wide board. The wide board is pre-drilled and fixed down with stainless steel screws, the thinner 90mm board can be nailed or screwed down.
The wide hardwood board is a great option as there are less gaps in your deck and its quicker to lay than the 90mm hardwood.
Hardwood doesn’t get the large hairline splits that pine can get and is a more perfect all round timber.
Popular types of hardwood in stock in NZ are Kwila, Fijian Mahogany, Vitex (comes in small lengths which means more butt joins), Purple Heart and Garapa.

Eco or Composite Decking:
There are a number of different products out there, they are made of recycled wood fibres and UV resistant plastic.
These products do expand and shrink, we would need to lay breaker boards between each long length because of the expansion, which can lead to excess wastage of decking. The advantages of this type of decking are that you don’t need to oil it, you can use hidden fasteners, it has a modern look, it comes in nice long 4.8m – 5.4m standard lengths and is ecofriendly.

Oiling and Staining:
All natural timbers will go silver over around 6 months to a year, which some clients like and can look nice if it is a Hardwood.
If you don’t like the silver look you can oil stain it which keeps it looking nice and fresh and also helps with durability.
To keep your deck looking at its best you will need to do this every 2 years, It is quite easy or we have a painter that will do it for you.

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